GFCI buttons stuck


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GFCI buttons stuck

I was testing the GFCIs in my kitchen, and on two of the six outlets, the reset button did not pop out when I pressed the test button. Now, both buttons are stuck in the "in" position, with neither one popping out, no matter who much I play with it. Is there any trick to fixing this, or do I need to replace these two outlets? Does this happen often, and if so, is it worth testing your GFCIs? Thank you.
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If you just installed these GFCI outlets, and the buttons do not work, this is usually the result of them being wired incorrectly. If this receptacle is in the middle of a circuit and has wires going upstream and wires going downstream, you may have mixed those two up. Try switching the black and white of the circuits around to the opposite sides of the GFCI.

If the outlets have been installed and working for awhile, then maybe a connection has come loose.
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I would not try this
Try switching the black and white of the circuits around to the opposite sides of the GFCI.
What I would rather suggest is that you get a low cost voltage tester and shut off the breaker to that circuit which should be labeled in your panel. Now come back and verify the circuit is off and remove the GFCI and take notice of which set of wires is connected to the LINE side of the GFCI...( should be written on the GFCI recept backing ) and now remove those wires from the screws....should be on screws since it is a kitchen and should be 12 AWG wire.....

Now since you removed them OFF the GFCI recept...make sure they are go back and turn on your circuit breaker....USE CAUTION HERE as they will once again be live and never assume the ones you pulled off are the LIVE ones.....dont forget the ones still hooked to the GFCI recept.

Now....with your voltage tester you should get voltage from the wires you took off the GFCI if they are the LINE IN wires......if this is corrent you had it wired correctly....replace the GFCI RECEPT....if you still get no voltage to the wires you pulled off the line side of the check the LOAD side of the GFCI....if they happen to be LIVE......then you had it wired up backwards and simply move those wires to the LINE side and the ones you took off to the LOAD side...........

NOTICE...only do it in the sequence I have stated.....dont skip to the end of that above statement and just swap the wires.....always check first and as always...BECAREFUL.....once you verify..shut the breaker down again and replace GFCI as needed.
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Thanks for the replies.

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