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Dear Do It Yourself,

Thank you very much for the service you provide.
In Step #5 ("Installing Switch and Convenience Outlet in same Box"), there suddenly appeared "Connect the red wire." Red wire? What red wire? The 14-2 wire I am using for the switch has only a black, a white and a ground. I am at a total loss as to where the red comes from. Am I using the wrong wire? If so, it has already been run behind the wall, and I can do nothing about it -- apparently a dumb mistake on my part.
Let me ask you if the following will work: Power is coming to the IN screw on the hot side of the recepticle. I connect three black wires to a pigtail -- one black wire from the hot IN screw on the recepticle, one black wire from the hot OUT screw on the recepticle, and one black wire from what we will call the "in" screw on the switch. A black wire is then connected from the "out" screw on the switch to the light.
Next I connect three white wires to a pigtail -- one from from the IN screw on the neutral side of the recepticle, one from the OUT screw, and one from the pigtail to the light.
Will this work? Will it meet code? Will it meet code if I use a GFCI recepticle?
One more question: Rather than connecting the black IN wire on the recepticle to the pigtail, if instead I connected the black wire directly from the IN screw on the recepticle to the "in" screw on the switch, would that also work?
I need your help.
Let me make one more point. The switch has nothing to do with the operation of the recepticle. The switch only operates the light -- the recepticle is hot all the time.
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I have no idea where to find step #5. If you think I need to know, please post a link to that page.

Start from the beginning. Tell us what was in this box before you started, a receptacle to which you are adding a switch, or a switch to which you are adding a receptacle. Then tell us the number of cables coming into the box, what wires are in each cable, and how things were connected before you started.

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