Door bell stopped working. Help!


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Door bell stopped working. Help!

So I just moved in to my condo and wanted to change the door bell cuz the cover on it was really old looking and was missing a chunk from the side. I got just the chime itself from Home Depot. There are 4 wires (2 black and 2 white [the 2 white ones are twisted together]). I labeled the 2 black ones before removing them which was one for "trans" and one for "front".

I connected the new chime using the same configuration and it doesnt really work. When you ring the doorbell, the striker doesnt move all the way so it never really makes a hard enough contact with the chime to make it ring.

I thought that maybe it wasnt compatible with my layout, so I reinstalled the old one and now that one barely works. Whats going on? Anyone?!
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One thought would be how you ran the wires into the doorbell housing to make sure it is not touching any of the actuators. Also a thought came to mind that you may have possible damaged the transformer in the removal process...shorted something and it being old may have taken it's toll on the old transformer.

One thing to do maybe is replace the doorbell transformer and see if that solves the problem. I could try and talk you through testing the old one and checking voltage and so on....but chances are you do not have a volt meter and tester and would be cheaper to buy a new doorbell transformer to be honest with you.

I would try that step first.....provided you know where that is located as well. Now in doing that you will need to deal with 120V and electricity in the box that holds the transformer so be VERY careful....

And as you stated.....make NOTES of the connections before you do anything, the new transformer should wire up directly as the old one as it pertains to the electrical connections where the transformer is hanging.

Notice: be very careful and I would suggest you turn OFF the circuit supplying the transformer which is usually on another circuit anyway...turn it off before you replace the transformer.

Also last note.......just in wire goes on the center screw labeled TRAN and the other will go on the one labeled FRONT...inside the doorbell itself....just in case it was not labeled on your old one.
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Thanks for the advice. I live in a 4 unit condo and have no clue where this transformer would be. Is it usually located near the circuit breakers?

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