attic lighting


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attic lighting

I need some recommendation for lighting in my is 40 feet long ,and about 20 feet wide.regular light bulbs seem to put off too much heat,and im only able to stand in the i was thinking of a few 4 foot shop lights,or maybe 3 of those round flouresants about 8inches...attic is just used for storage,but i finally got a dedicated line of there for my attic fan and now want to get lighting,been using a tall lamp with an extention cord dropped down in to kitchen,and always have worried about knocking lamp down and cause fire...thanks for any
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I'd just go with $10 shop lights. They may not work too well if it gets really cold up there, but that's not too much of a compromise. Just install some receptacles along the ridge to plug them in. The bonus is that you can use the receptacles for small power tools or a radio too if you need to.

Or you could go with regular A19 light bulbs, but limit yourself to 40 watts each (install more of them) to reduce the heat.

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