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re: separating light connections

I'm hoping this is a simple problem and can be resolved but need your advise.

I installed a motion detector light in front of garage. The switch is connected to three other lights outside our house. So for the motion detector to work, I have to keep the switch on throughout which defeats the purpose of motion detector in front of the house. How do I separate the electrical wires specific to motion detector and re-connect all wires? IS it simple as opening the switch box and creating a new switch?
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IS it simple as opening the switch box and creating a new switch?
Unfortunately, no. You're probably going to need more cable. The exact details depend on how the switch is currently wired. To get the analysis started, you need to shut off the breaker, gently pull the switch out of the box without disconnecting any wires, and tell us everything you see. I'm guessing that you'll find two black/white/bare cables coming into the switch box, with the two black wires connected to the switch and the two white wires connected to each other. But my guess isn't good enough. We need to know.

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