Wiring upgrade necessary?


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Wiring upgrade necessary?


In few days we are moving in to new condominium (high rise). We ordered upgraded appliances (not through builder). The electrical range that we ordered has 240V 50 A requirement. So, I have a couple of questions:

1. Does anybody now if current wiring can support such load, that is assuming that it has been build according to current canadian electrical code?

2. If I need to upgrade the wire on the range circuit, is pulling a wire doable in condominium at all? (I was thinking solder the old and new wires end to end and just pull through)?


Toronto, Canada
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(1) Probably, but not for certain. The only way to tell is to look at the breaker and the wire size.

(2) With enough work, anything is doable. But using the old wire to pull through the new will only work if the wire is in conduit, and if the conduit is big enough for the new wire.
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A more common hookup for a range would be a 40 amp circuit. You will have to ask the builder what is there. In regular homes, the wiring is securely attached to the studs at many locations. There is no way to just pull it through. Since you are in a high rise, then the wiring is probably in conduit, so there is a possibilty. Depends on the loaction of the kitchen from the main box whether it could be pulled in one shot.
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Thanks for previous replies.

Well, I just found out a little more details that are even more confusing.
Here they are:

The new range in question requires 240V 4 wire 50A connection. Having said that it can also be connected to a 208 V system, but warm up times will
be slower, etc. (that makes sense to me).

So somewhere else on the internet I found that another manufacturer says straight up in the manual, that requirement for canadian market is either 240 V 50A circuit, or 208 40A circuit.

The plot get thicker: I just checked my current stove: it is a 4 wire system (I am not sure about Voltage requirements) and it is connected to a 208V 3 wire system via 4 wire receptacle. (I think the round bolt was not connected).

Does it mean, that new range would draw less current depending how I would connect it? So in other words, are there two different standards (240v vs 208v) that we are talking about? Would the later one allow the whole thing to work?

Sorry about the long post and thanks for the answers?


Toronto, Canada.
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A range draws more current when connected to higher voltage, and less current when connected to less voltage. So yes, it draws less current at 208 volts than it would at 240 volts. It appears your current condo has 208 volts, and not 240 volts. So, if you had that range from that other manufacturer, and if you were staying in your current condo, then you would only need a 40-amp circuit. However, that's not the range you have, and not the condo you're moving to, so you need to get the information for the range you have. And you still need to figure out what breaker and wire size your new condo has for the range. This theoretical discussion is interesting, but of course it doesn't substitute for real facts.

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