Lights dim on one circuit only.


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Question Lights dim on one circuit only.

About six months ago I noticed the lights in my spare bathroom and back bedroom would dim and my battery backup on my computer, which is located in the back bathroom, would trip and start going on battery power, then it would switch back to AC power at random. This was happening at any part of the day, though usually during the day. I tried unplugging everything in those two rooms and I still had dimming lights. I checked the breaker also, both rooms are on a single 15A breaker and I confirmed the breaker worked by switching it off and the power in both places went out. I didn't hear any buzzing or smell any smoke at all in the breaker. I am at my wits end here. I even went as far as to replace every receptacle in the back bedroom, but the problem still persists intermittently. Today the problem was really bad as the power was flickering most of the day. Bear in mind that this happens whether or not an appliance or the AC is on. Help!
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This strongly suggests a loose connection somewhere in the circuit. Trace the circuit, finding all the junction boxes. There will be a loose (possibly burned) splice in one of them. If you don't find the splice, then look harder. You may have a buried junction box or a flying splice in the wall. Don't leave this one alone. If you don't want to work on it, then hire and electrician or turn the circuit off: bad splices mean heat, which makes the splice worse, which leads to fire.

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First, only remove the cover of the breaker box if you feel comforatble doing so.

Did you remove and inspect the breaker closely? Perhaps the breaker is loose on the buss bar. Did you remove the panel cover and inspect the bus? What brand and type of breakers do you have?
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I did notice a slight crackling sound coming from the breaker box. I opened up the breaker box, after turning off the main power, and didn't see anything loose, as I tugged on the wires slightly. I'm not sure as to the the type of breaker, but would there be a way I can replace them myself?
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That crackling sound could very well be the problem, and yes it is possible to replace breakers yourself. I would not recommend the job to an electrical novice; however, if you've done some electrical projects before you can change a breaker. It will help if you first identify the brand name of the panel and breakers and the approximate age. The brand name will be printed on the face of the breakers somewhere and on the panel label.

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