Running a wire outside vs. inside


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Running a wire outside vs. inside

OK, in a previous post I was asking about my microwave, and since I have decided to run a dedicated circuit to it. But here is my problem.

I followed two wires that were already installed in a crawl space, they must have been added on after the house was built because the two wires were along a duct. So, when I'm in the upstairs crawl space, and thread the new wire down teh same hole the other ones are in, the wire ends up outside under the soffet of the house, just like the other two wires, which then go back into the house two feet lower into the utility room with the breaker.

My question is:

should i just run the new wire the same way, outside under the soffet, then into the house. in that case, i'd either have to rewire it all with outside wire or maybe i could just run the outside part in those grey plastic tubes.

shoudl i just drill a hold in the ceiling of the utility room and run the new line on the ceiling, then into the wall and into the breaker. I cannot just run the wire into the wall behind the breaker because there is a duct in the crawl space above that covers this area, which is why it wasn't done that way before.

any other thoughts.

thanks much.
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Keep it inside, and run it along the ceiling of the utility room. Leave enough slack so in can be installed in the ceiling or whatever, should the opportunity arise.
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If you run the wire outside you will need to either use UF wire, or individual wires in conduit. You don;t want NM wire outside because it might get wet even in conduit, especially if the conduit is vertical. You will need conduit for protection, if the wire is exposed where it might get damaged.

If you keep the wire inside, you cannot run it along your ceiling unless it is encased in conduit for protection. It can't run exposed along a finished wall or ceiling

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