Breaker bus bar full


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Breaker bus bar full

I am installing a new circuit to power a microwave, and have now run the wire and need to attach it to the circuit breaker. However, the bus bar is currently full, there is only one bar for both the ground and neutral wires. Can I double up wires, ie. put the new white and ground in with an existing white/ground, or put three grounds together to open up a new place for my white wire? It appears that some of the full ones have multiple ground wires feeding into it.
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Take a look at the label printed on the panel. It should tell you how many _ground_ conductors can go into a single hole, or if there are different sized holes, it should tell you how many of what size will fit in each hole. Generally you will be restricted to 2 (or 3) wires, all of the same size, but this depends upon the manufacturer.

You _may not_ double up on the neutral (white) wires. You _may not_ double a neutral wire with a ground wire. If the panel instructions permit it, you _may_ double up on ground wires.


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