New outlets in garage


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New outlets in garage

We added new outlets to our garage and ran them off of existing outlets in our garage. They worked fine for 3 weeks and them just shut off. The breaker is not tripped, it has been reset. Nothing still works. It is running off of a 15 amp (3 new outlets with 3 existing outlets). Do we need a larger breaker to replace the 15 amp one, or is it a wiring problem?
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Do not upsize the breaker, the circuit was designed for 15A.

Check for a GFCI.
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Never ever replace a breaker with a larger one without knowing how the circuit is wired. And I mean completely wired, each and every inch of cable. To do so is extremely stupid, and asking for a fire.

if the receptacles you added are the only ones not working and everything else works, then you have a wiring problem. It could be at the first receptacle you added or at the working receptacle where you made the connection. You most likely have an open on either the hot or the neutral. Check the connections.

However, before you do so, if there is no GFCI protection for these receptacles, now would be the time to add it. Your new receptacles need GFCI protection, and if there is nothing for the existing garage receptacles, they should be GFCI protected as well.

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