Sub Panel attached garage


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Sub Panel attached garage

I am plannings to install a sub panel in my attached garage. I plan to install 6 outlets and 6 lights in the garage. My home has a 200 amp (GE) service in the basement. There is an unused dryer cuircut in the panel.
The wire run to the garage location is apprx. 75-80 ft.

Here are my questions:

1 Can I use the unused cuircut to run my sub panel cuircut?

2 What size breaker and what size wire do I need?

3 What type and size panel do I need for the sub panel?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
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You haven't told us anything about what you intend to do in the garage. Do you plan to run tools? Do you need a 240 volt load? Without that information any advice is a shot in the dark.
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sub panel attached garage

I plan to use woodworking tools. 110 powered. A small mig welder 110 powered. No plans to use 240 in garage.
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Yes, you can use the unused dryer circuit, but that's typically a 30A breaker and would make for a subpanel that couldn't take very much. And you probably couldn't use the dryer wiring unless it was 4-wire with a separate neutral and ground. Better to install (or replace with) a 60A 2-pole breaker and go for a 60A 240V 4-wire subpanel. This will balance your 120V loads and allow for easy upgrades later. This is usually a project more suited to someone with a decent amount of electrical experience however.
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Your requirements are minimal. For what you want you could easily run a 20 amp multiwire circuit and be done with it.
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Since you have a 200 main I would install atleast a 40a subpanel this will allow for expansion if necessary.You'll need 8/3 cable to run this circuit

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