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Question Outlets

Hello, my wife was trimming the bushes with a electric trimmer and she accidentally cut the cord and now I have several outlet that donít work. I checked the breaker box and none of them were trip and I reset all of them and still nothing. Do I need to call an electrician?
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The outdoor outlet that the extension cord was plugged into is probably GFCI-protected . Somewhere in the house, possibly a bathroom, the kitchen, or in the garage: is one of those outlets with the "test/reset" buttons on them. This is probably where you will find the problem. The next choice would be a breaker. Remember, a 'tripped' breaker at first glance may appear to be in the "ON" position. To reset, you must push hard to OFF, then back to ON.

If it is any consolation to your wife, I believe that EVERY person who ever owned an electric hedge clipper , has cut the cord!
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Thank you I will try to reset the breakers again.
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If properly resetting the breakers doesn't cut it., then search for and reset the GFCI. Does anything on this same circuit breaker work?

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