Running tv cable through wall/floor hit some metal?


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Running tv cable through wall/floor hit some metal?

I wanted to run come cable tv wire from my garage via the inside of a wall, between floors, to an upstairs room. I thought this would be a piece of cake job. I cut holes in the dry wall upstairs and in the garage, got myself one of those 54" flexible drill bits, and planned on drilling a hole through the floor inside the wall and pulling the cable through.

Well, upon drilling, the drill bit hit what sounded like metal. I moved the bit to the left and right a few inches, hoping to avoid whatever it is, but no luck, still hit the metal. Any ideas on what this might be? A metal plate or some pipes? I don't want to burst and water or gas pipes. Anyway, my house is relatively new, built in 1997. It is a townhouse, and the wall I am using is the one shared with my neighbor. I was hoping to get some insight from here before I goto my last resort and open up a bigger hole in the garage wall to see what's going on inside the wall. Thanks in advance!
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I suggest you go ahead and cut open some more wallboard so that you can get a good look. Drilling into a gas or water pipe would be a disaster.

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