12 volt dc motor

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12 volt dc motor

K, really could not find a good place to post this, this was my best quess.

I have 4 power wheels, kids electric toys. run on 12 volt battery and they have 12 volt motors on them.

I added some heat sinks to the motors, just used some old computer heat sinks, to try and keep them cooler.

Seems after a time the heat causes the plastic fan inside the motor to fall apart and then shortly after that, the motor fails.

So I am hoping the heat sinks add to the motors will help keep them cooler, or disperse the heat away from the motor some.

I thought about adding like a 80 mm cpu cooling fan, but with there no inclosed area here.

I was not sure it would be worth my time and then I was not certain if I should blow air onto the motor or away from the motor.

Then i was thinking maybe try adding a water cooling to the motor, buy wrapping hollow copper tubing around the motor and use a mini submersible pump to cycle water thru it, and make or use a small container to hold the water (mini tank)

So now to my questions,

I dont know of a site or listing or posting, that can tell me what the temperature range is for these motors or a standard 12 volt dc motor, its not getting more than 25 amps.

I was hoping someone who has dealt with dc motors can tell me, if the heat sinks will be just fine or if i should try a water cooling system.

I was just thinking temp of the water would be what was outside, mean no cooling of the water itself.

These power wheels dont move faster than 5 mph, so i didnt even think that running the water thru a finned water cooler ( mini trans cooler or something.

Then i thought a temp sensor and gauge if the motor was getting to warm that a a warning light would come on. my kids are to young to read gauges yet.

But didnt know where to look to find something like this, or what might work, esp without knowing the temp range on the motors. and certainly dont wanna pay a bundle for one either.

and I am not having anyluvk with fisher price providing any type of into on the motors or who the mfg is.

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I can only point out something's.

Assuming the motors are PM (permanent magnet) motors.
The majority of heat will come from the armature, That's the rotor shaft thing that turns.
The heat from the armature travels thru the shaft to the bearings to the case.
The bearings also create heat.

I don't see, a heat sink on the case of a PM motor removing heat from the armature very well.
You need to cool off the armature.

I would get a small 12 volt blower motor and force clean air thru the motor.
Maybe drill some holes in the motor to get the hot air out.
You may need to place a plastic washer or something to prevent the carbon/copper dust made by the brushes,
from entering the bearings.

Reference only,
12 volts dc motor at 25 amps may use about 300 watts.
Think of the heat you can get from a 300 watt light bulb.
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How about just replacing the plastic motor fans with metal ones?

Doug M.
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i cant replace the plastic fan, the motor is nto designed to come apart, i have tried on a failed motor and ruined it just trying to take a look inside.

so perhaps a fan is the way to go,

just wish i could find a temp sensor to place on itand so forth and a decent price.


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