GFCI keeps resetting!


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Angry GFCI keeps resetting!

This is a little annoying. For no obvious reason, the GFCI in my room keeps resetting. This usually occurs once about every week during the middle of the night.

I have school and depend on my alarm clock to wake me up the next day. What's usually frustrating is that some nights I'll wake up to see the alarm clock dead because the GFCI has resetted.

There's only one GFCI in my room, so once it resets, all of the other outlet goes dead too.

Is this normal or is there something wrong?
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First, the obvious question. Why do you have a GFCI in your room?

GFCI's trip for a reason. Either there is a ground fault or they are defective.

When the trip occurs, are there any other loads on the GFCI? Have you tried removing all other loads?

Replacement of the GFCI may be in order.
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Or maybe this would help:

Doug M.

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