Wiring for Heavy Duty SPST Timers


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Red face Wiring for Heavy Duty SPST Timers

I am building an Iguana enclosure similar to the one found here;


I currently have everything wired but not hooked up. I am using 2 150W recessed lighting units and 1 24" flourescent light all going into 1 SPST timer. Both of the recessed units have dimmer switches and the flourescent has a regular light switch, all of these are hooked up already. On the timer there are 3 screws for the wire connections, neutral, line and load and of course a green ground screw.

Mike, the guy that built this enclosure did a fairly good job explaining how to hook everything up except for what wires are supposed to connect to the timer so my question is what wires need to go where? I also have to connect the extension cord with one end cut off for power, there is a black white and green wire. I know the green is the ground and the black is the live wire so do I connect the black to the load on the timer and the white to the line? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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White is neutral. The black wire from the wall is the line. The green wire is the ground. The load side of the timer is where your load (lights) connect.
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The line feeds the power into the timer.
The load side gets the power switched on and off by the timer
Power. black to line and white to neutral.
Load (lights) Black to load and white to neutral.
You only have three screws. The line and load share the white neutral screw.
and ground to grounds.

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