problem splitting 1-240v line in a junction box


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Exclamation problem splitting 1-240v line in a junction box

Hello to everyone!

ok... here it goes:

- I've got 1 power cable (8gage) coming from the breaker panel.
- The breaker is a 40amp
- my goal is to connect two seperate timers onto it.
- total draw is approx 20 amps.
- the idea was to bring the line from the breaker panel to a junction box. In the box I would have 4 individual wires from the panel (red, black, white & ground)
- then i would also have 4 identical wires for each timer
- I thought i could connect black to black, red to red, etc..., and I'd be good.

Well, I did it that way and I pop the breaker as soon as I turn it on.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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What model timer are you using? Is it a 240/120V timer? What is it for? What does the manufacturer of the timer have the different colored wires identified as, for function. Is it rated for 20A? If it's rated for 15 or 20A each, why is there a 40A breaker which would allow 40A to pass through the timer before tripping?
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Tripping the breaker indicates a short between any two different wires (except neutral and ground).

Why don;lt you tell us what you are trying to do and provide some information on the timers you have we can help you sort it out.
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The model timer is an Intermatic T104-70.

goto for more tech info:

It will be used to control heat lamps for a custom made laminating line.
There will be a press situated in the middle of the work area and two heat stations, one to the left side and one to the right.

Each heat station draws approx. 10.5 amps.

I can reduct the breaker if necessary, I have a 30amp unit available.

hope this helps!
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I thought that I may have shorted something as soon as a tripped the breaker, but I've looked it all over and can't seem to locate any wiring issues(wires touching)

If i was correct in my wiring approach at the junction box (Matching up 3 wires of the same color from the panel, and each of the timers, then connecting them together) then the other issue may be that the timers don't get wired the the way the manufacture suggests if you have more than one on the feed.

But i don't know....
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First and foremost. It sounds like you have a larger breaker than is called for. How are you connecting the heat lamps? What are their input requirements? You stated 10.5 amps. At what voltage? Is the neutral needed at all?

The black and red wires from the panel are the line wires. The white neutral may or may not be needed at all. Connect your output wires to the load terminals of the switches. Properly wire the lamps. Do you have a wiring diagram for the timer?
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This is a 240 volt Double Pole single throw timer. You would connect the black and red wires to the line terminals 1 and 3. Earth ground can be connected to the GR term. Your 240 volt load would be connected to load teminals 2 and 4. There is no place here to connect a neutral wire. If you wanted to connect (2) 120 volt loads, you would connect their black leads to the load terminal, and splice all the whites. I don't know if codes will allow this set up, but electrically it works. Tell us where you have connected the wires. You should not be popping breakers.
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Removed the two white wires and every thing worked fine!!
thats for all the feed back from everyone!! you guys are great!


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