4-way switch with dimmer


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Question 4-way switch with dimmer

I have an existing circuit with a bunch of lights controlled by 3 switches. The power (from the panel) goes through the lights first, and then the 3 switches are at the end of the run. It's wired like this: panel --> lights --> 3-way switch --> 4-way switch --> 3-way switch. This is exactly how the diagrams I've seen in books and online do it. The problem is that I want to put a dimmer switch in the middle (where the 4-way switch is), but they don't make 4-way dimmer switches, as far as I know. Is there any way to change the connections to the switches so I can have the 4-way switch on one of the two ends, without changing any of the wiring? I've heard x10 switches might work, but I'd prefer to avoid them if it's possible to simply change up the wiring connections at the switch boxes.
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You would need to rewire.
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As you say, there is no 4-way dimmer, and there is no simple solution without either smart switches or changing the cabling. I suggest you try really hard to like the dimmer at one of the other two switches.
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They make "smart" dimmers which can be used in place of any SP, 3-way or 4-way switch. The catch is you MUST replace all the switches with dimmers, as opposed to standard dimmers which can only be in one location.
Leviton and Lutron have the larges selections.
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The Lutron Maestro is one choice and is not too expensive.
In the link I provided click on the instructions link to see the diagram for 3 or more location wiring.

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