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Awg Question

greetings, not sure if this belongs here but I will ask away. While bench testing a 12V blower/heater motor for my volvo, I noticed the ground wire get quite warm. The hot wire did not because I used the same gauge and it was stranded. However, on the ground side I used a piece of #12 solid wire from a pice of romex and spliced it with stranded wire that is part of the motor (not sure of the stranded gauge). Could this be the reason it got warm and maybe even very hot if I left it there for more than a few minutes?
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Certainly could be the reason. You should match the gauge of the ground wire with the gauge of the hot wire. Check the amperage of the blower fuse and size the wire accordingly.
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You never specify the gauge of the stranded wire. All wires in a closed circuit _must_ carry the same current. In a given circuit, points of resistance generate heat. Thinner wire has higher resistance and will get hotter (this of course presumes that both wires are made out of the same materials.)

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It might be that the motor is intended to have its return path provided by the frame of the motor and car itself. The ground wire you talk about may be for a different purpose than to provide the actual return path for all of the blower amps.
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Many thanks so far....So, if I continue to "rig" this motor via a toggle switch and making sure that all my wires are the same gauge correctness; I then want to install an inline fuse to protect the blower motor. So, does it make a difference if the inline fuse is on the hot side wire or the ground side wire? Probably belongs on the hot side wire huh?
Many thanks again!

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