wiring 2 switches for outlets, fan


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wiring 2 switches for outlets, fan


I have a wiring question. I'm wiring 2 switches, one to a ceiling fan, and one to control split receptacles. They are single pole switches.

Basically here is what i was planning:

Power via 14/2 into the junction box for the switches. Pigtailed hot to switches and connected all neutrals and grounds. For the fan switch, I have 14/2 running from the switch to the fan.

For the outlet, I have a 14/3 wire that is running from the switch to the outlet. The black wire is pigtailed with the other hots to control the switched terminal. The red is running to the second terminal of the outlet for constant power.

My question is regarding the neutral wire. At the outlet, I know I need to break the tab that connects the top and bottom terminals on the outlet. Do I only break the tab for the hot side, and leave the neutral intact? Or, do I somehow have to get another neutral wire into the outlet, and break that tab too?

Its seems as though I could keep the tab on the neutral side intact, but I just wanted to make sure.

Thanks in advance.
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As a practice, I run a 14/3 to ceiling fans. That way, the fan can be independantly ran apart from the light from the wall.

You remove the tabe on the hot side of the recepticles only, and use the red as the switched circuit on the top half.
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The recommendation to run 14/3 for the fan is a good one. Even if you don't plan on a light for the fan now, you or someone else may want one later. Just cap the unused wire.

As for the split receptacle, you can have either half switched, top or bottom, and just break the tab on the brass screw (hot) side.

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