Flickering lights


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Question Flickering lights

The lights in my home seem to flicker when another appliance kicks on ,it has only been happening in the last few weeks,my home is new so it cant be old wiring thanks Bob
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First, determine if it is only happening on the same circuit as the appliance, or if it's happening on multiple circuits. If multiple circuits, call your power company. If one circuit, have an electrician or other electrically experienced person tighten up all the connections on that one circuit.

Note that if the appliance is big enough (like a central air conditioner), and the dimming slight enough (brief and barely noticeable), then it may be impossible to completely get rid of it.
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I had this problem too.

I have a three phase inlet,and there are main fuses before the fusebox.
The sockets on those fuses was loose,so they had bad connection and was connecting on and off.This made it very hot of course.
Luckily i feelt the heat from the wall,and contacted a professional.This is not the case with you i guess,having new wiring i mean.
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I called the power company and they came out today ,he checked everything and he couldnt find anything wrong so I am waiting an electrician comming now
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I had an electrician out tuesday and he checked everything out and he didn't find any problems,however last night I was on the computer and a light in one of the bedrooms went out I thought it was a bulb but when I went to change it half the lights in the house were out,I went to check the fuse box and no switches were in the off position,the kitchen, living room , dinning room both bathrooms and the master bedroom,it seemed like one side of the house was affected,I went to bed I was sound asleep when I was awakened when the lights all came on early in the morning weird eh
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Are all of the lights that went off on one circuit or are they on different circuits? If they are on one circuit you probably have a loose connection near the start of that circuit. It's usually a loose neutral white wire.

If the lights are on different circuits, you definately have a problem with one of the legs of your service. This is still a serious problem that needs to be dealt with. The problem is likely at the lugs of your main breaker or panel box, the lugs in your meter base, or the power company's connections to the transformer.

Do you know exactly what the power company and the electrician looked at?
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The Electrician found the problem,it was in the outside box where the power companies 2 wires connects to the 2 wires going into the house,he asked me to turn on all the plates on my stove to high and to turn the dryer on,he then saw a small arc that led him to the problem,now we hope its all fixed
thanks for all the help

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