Question about running subpanel from fuse box


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Question about running subpanel from fuse box

I thought I had posted this question here, but I don't see it anywhere here, so I'll try again.

I have a duplex with two separate fuse boxes. I want to run a subpanel (40 amp) to add a garage door opener, exterior light, and a new line to the sink in the bathroom.

The fuse box has two terminals (red and black) that I could tap into. There are 60 amp cartridge fuses in the shut-off pull-type fuse holder (there are two of them, one for each of two lines (there are only four circuits plus a dryer in each duplex side)).

I want to run 8 guage wire about 60 foot to the garage. There is no room for a subpanel outside of the house where the existing boxes are. I'd run the 8-3 wire in conduit to the crawlspace, then use staples to run the line to the garage.

Is this legal? My concern is that the 60 amp cartridge fuse will be the only protection for this wire to the subpanel. #6 wire is very bulky to work with in this fuse box.

The fuse box is rated 100 amps.

I don't want to use 40 amp cartridges because there would still be two other 15 amp circuits running from that cartridge.

Opinions would be helpful. Thanks.
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So you are thinking about tapping into the incomming wires to the current main panel....I think thats how I read it.
I would say not to do would you shut the incomming power off to the red and black wire?

I had the same kind if issue 2 years ago, out of room and wanting to add a AC unit. I looked at all the angles, and I finally bit the bullet and changed the main panel.

I pulled a permit $35.00
Bought the main panel $68.95
Bought the breakers $150.00 (somthin like that)
Called the power company to set up the power being disconnected and reconnected $0.00

Lable your wires in the box, pull the old box out, open the whole for the box up and set the new box in place.

Now granted, it is difficult to get a inspector to show up as soon as your done, and the power company wont turn the power back on till your inspected, but with the right amount of planning, this job can be done in less than 4 hours.

It took me 3 hours, of my work, and 2 additional hours waiting for inspection.
I now have a new 200amp service with a 90amp sub panel in my attic.
with my counties seal of approval.

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