Fishing To Existing Box


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Fishing To Existing Box

Is there a way to fish from the attic through the existing wire hole in the top plate, and send wires to a switch box below?? Thanks in advance.
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Sure, but there are a few ways to make it quite a bit easier.

First, if possible, I drill a new hole in the same stud bay, making sure not to drill into any wires already there. The bigger the hole, the better the visibility, within reason.

Next, a second person at the box with a bright light can make a big difference, also the person below can snag the fish tape or new cable with a hooked wire or something similar if you have trouble hitting the box.

Sometimes, depending on how the existing wire is layed or not-stapled, you can loop your new cable around it and push it down and it will follow the old wire until it hits the box. An insulated wall makes all of these methods that much more difficult, of course.
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Thanks for your reply. The other info I got was to tie a mesh nylon bag (like the kind turkeys are wrapped in) to the wire end and stuff that through either end hole. The mesh bag being easier to hook and snag. Thanks again.

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