can it be done?


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can it be done?

hi, im new in this forum, and want to upgrade my service for a new heat pump . i was told that my service wasnt good enough unless i did the upgrade. ive got two power panels. the one inside has a main breaker that is 150 amps...the main power box outside also holds my meter. it has two breakers inside, one is 100 amp and the other looks to be a double breaker of 50 amps on each switch..( is that a 200 amp total ? )could another breaker of the size needed for the new heating unit be placed in this outside box and plumed to the heat pump? my plans was to use the same 220 power sorce that is running my a/c package now,but is was run from the inside breaker box of only 150 amps. any help in this matter would be appreciated..thanks douglas

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1. A 100 amp breaker plus a double pole 50 amp is not 200 amps. It is probably a 100 amp main ( undoubtedly double pole) and a 50 amp breaker for a subpanel, or for a load. SO, you either have 100 amps or 150, but definitely not 200.

2.. You haven't told us what other loads you have, so it is hard to know if you have enough to add a ( 40 Amp/240) heat pump.
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can this be done

sorry, i have 8 breakers in box inside the trailer.(2) 30amp double breakers for the dryer and kitchen (1) 20amp breaker for the water heater,(1)40amp breaker for the range,and (4) 20amp single breakers that seem to work the bed room lights in three rooms.i noticed that someone had wired the a/c package unit to the dryer breaker and i plan to put it on its on breaker because we cant dry clothes and run the a/c.. thats the power source i wanted to use to wire up the new heat pump system we want to get. like i said eariler the main breaker in this panel is 150 amps,,but the outside breaker box witch holds the meter has a large 100 amp breaker and a double 50 this enough info for you to figure weather i can run the new heat pump/ac unit with what i have? thanks for your reply

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