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Question sub panel issues

i want to install a 30 amp 240 volt outlet in my garage - luckily i have a 100 amp sub panel with 4 available slots already there but i have an issue. when checking things out i found that the 100 amp sub panel is on a 60 amp breaker at the main panel - should this be? the two circuits that are in the sub panel are for the fridge (20amps) and the stove (40amps). the fridge is always going but the stove i rarely use if ever and would never use it while the other outlet is drawing power. so can i safely install a 30 amp 240 volt outlet or do i need to increase the wire size & breaker feeding the sub panel. the outlet will be for some welders - i only need 20 amps but the maker suggests i have 30 amps available. any help is greatly appreciated - thanks.
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It is quite common to have a larger sub panel installed than the wire or the breaker feeding it can support. The 60 amp breaker in the main panel protects the wire feeding the sub panel. The 100 amp breaker in the sub panel protects the sub panel.

Yes, you can add your welder circuit, and any other circuits you want. What you won’t be able to do is to exceed the 60 amps at any particular point in time that the main panel breaker is allowing.
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Question one more thing - 2 or 3 wire 240 volt

hi again,
thanks for the help. i also need to know if i should go with 2 or 3 wire, with a ground for this circuit. it will mainly be used for a welder which needs only 220 volt but i might use it for a stove, to cure stuff in. so do i need a neutral wire. thanks.
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Some stoves need a neutral, some don't. 240-volt circuits are normally wired for one and only one specific appliance. This is because each appliance has different needs in terms of number of wires, size of wires, and size of breaker. So I suggest you wire it for what you have. When you buy something else, wire another circuit for that. Unlike most 120-volt circuits, 240-volt circuits are not general purpose.

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