Receptacles new construction


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Receptacles new construction

How many receptacles can you put on one feed? Regular receptalces on 12-2.
What is recommendation for ceiling fan in new construction as for the feed ??
Feed from lights or receptacles. Lights will be 14-2 (15 amp) and receptacles
will be 12-2 (20 Amp).
Thanks for your Help !!!
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In the US for residential there is no limit to the number of receptacles or lights that can be placed on one circuit. There are limits to the rooms that can be combined on circuits, but not for the number of receptacles.

Common sense has to be used. Too many and you risk tripping the breaker. Too few and you end up with too many circuits. Anticipate heavy use, such as hairdryers, curling irons, irons, vacuum cleaners, computers, etc.

I would keep the ceiling fans with the lights. Figure the maximum wattage bulb for each light and the wattage required for each fan when determining the light breakdown. Keep in mind that if you need to work on a light circuit or if one should have to be shut down for some other reason then you still want lights on the same floor or in that general area.

I wouldn't bother with 15 amp circuits at all. Make all the circuits 20 amps.
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Originally Posted by silverfox1208
How many receptacles can you put on one feed? Regular receptalces on 12-2.
There is no specific limit on the number of receptacles per circuit. The number of receptacles should be installed to accomodate the expected load. Something in the neighborhood of 10 receptacles for a 20A circuit in bedrooms and hallways is acceptable. Something like 3 receptacles per 20A circuit would be acceptable for a kitchen or bathroom. It's a good idea to plan for a dedicated 20A circuit for the home office / computer room and a dedicated 20A circuit if you have a large home theater system.

I've heard there are some localities with specific limits, but National code has no such limit. However, Canadian code does have limits so please say so if you are in Canada.

What is recommendation for ceiling fan in new construction as for the feed ??
Put it on the lights circuit and run 14/3 cable between the switch and ceiling fan box. That allows you to control the fan and light seperately.
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Presuming these are "general-purpose" receptacle-outlets, there are two "design-concepts".

If the outlets are spaced so that there is an outlet within 6 ft of any "point"- "standard" lay-out- allow 1.5 amps-per-receptacle, which is 13 receptacles on a 20 amp Branch-Circuit.

The 2nd concept is based on a factor of 3 watts per sq.-ft. The "power-rating" of a 20 amp B-C = 20 amps X 120 volts = 2400 watts. 2400 / 3 = 800 sq.-ft.,which is the physical "limit" of the 20 amp B-C. But there is no limit on the number of individual outlets that can be located within the 800 sq.-ft. limit.

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