extending power lines to garage


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extending power lines to garage

I want to extend power to my detached garage. Mainly for lighting , door opener etc.
I am new at DIY stuff.

Any tips how how to proceed?

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Your first step is to determine how much power you will need out there. Lights, one or two door openers and a few convenience receptacles do not need much power. These could easily be powered by a multi-wire circuit. However, if you intend to run space heaters or power tools, or if you need 240 volts then the idea of a multi-wire circuit needs to be replaced and you need to be thinking sub-panel. A sub panel is more complicated to install, but will be necessary if your needs dictate it.

Once you decide on power needs, you need to worry about distance. Not actual distance, but wire distance. How far is it, as the wire will be routed, from your main electrical panel to the garage. Consider that the wires may need to be run in the house, then underground, then into the garage to the appropriate location. The distance and the power needed will determine the wire size.

You then need to worry about how to make connections at your existing panel. If you have open slots in your main panel then you are probably fine, as long as your service is large enough (enough power) for your new sub panel. However, if you have fuses or if your panel is full then work needs to be done at the panel.

Finally, you need to install the circuits in the garage. What you install and how you run them depends on what you decide you need out there.
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Originally Posted by livster
I want to extend power to my detached garage. Mainly for lighting , door opener etc.
I am new at DIY stuff.

Any tips how how to proceed?

How do you plan on routing the feeders from the main panel to the detached garage? Overhead? Underground?

Sounds like a 60 amp feed is all you need.
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A good place to start is at the book aisle of Home Depot or library. If you are an electrical novice, you should get a book or two on home wiring and read it cover to cover. Even a simple project like you describe has hundreds of details to get right to ensure safety. A book will be much more comprehensive than postings here can be.

Commonly suggested books are Wiring Simplified and Black and Decker's Guide to Home Wiring. They are pretty cheap at the home centers and contain a lot useful information.

Here is an online description of what is involved in powering a detached garage. It's long and a bit heavy, so study carefully.


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