Power Fluctuating


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Power Fluctuating

Small Older Home, Newer 100 AMP Service, has developed the symptom
(mainly noticed in the hard wired light fixtures) of power draw down. The
bright / dim effect and this is without any other electric appliance except
the fridge running. Could this be a loose ground lug in the main panel?
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You almost certainly have a loose connection somewhere; it could be a hot or a neutral, but a loose ground would not cause the problem you are describing. If the lights are flickering on just one circuit, the culprit is likely somewhere on that circuit. If they are flickering throughout the entire house, then the loose connection is somewhere in your service.

You should first call the power company to come out and check their equipment. It is not uncommon for a connection at the pole or transformer to come loose in high wind, and most power companies will check on this for free.

If they don't come out or don't fix the problem, hire an electrician to tighen the main hot lugs and neutral lug in your service panel and meter cab. The chance of this being a problem on your end is much greater if you have aluminum feeders. This is not a DIY job. You need specialized tools and personal protection equipment to safely work on the mains.

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