wire outdoor light post


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wire outdoor light post

I need to install an outdoor light post with decrative light fixture. I have no outdoor outlets so my intention is to tie into an outlet box in the garage (about 20 ft. away) and drill through the wall and run wiring underground. I don't need to have to have a wall switch, although one is close to the existing outlet as I would be happy with a light senson mounted on top of post for on/off. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Your plan sounds acceptable. A few notes:

You should use UF-B cable that is the same gauge as the existing circuit. Romex or NM type cable is not acceptable for use outdoors or underground.

The cable should be protected in rigid PVC conduit when exiting the building and entering the ground down to the bottom of the trench. Use a 90 sweep fitting to make the vertical to horizontal transition. Same applies for where the cable exits the ground and enters the lamp post; use a 90 sweep and a vertical length of conduit to prevent the bottom of the lamp post from cutting the cable. The cable should be buried at least 12". I recommend deeper if you are crossing a garden or somewhere else where digging is likely.

The circuit should already have GFCI protection because it is in a garage. If it doesn't, now is a good time to address that.

Any other specific questions?
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The easiest way out is not necessarily the best way to go.

Whether you think a switch is needed or not, I would certainly add one. You can always leave it turned on all the time. Someday you may want to put a timer in place of the switch and/or remove the sensor, or be able to turn the light off.

I would then think about where would be the best place for a switch and put it there. Where you then get power from depends on the proximity of other circuits.

Think outside the box.

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