dog ate dishwasher wires


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Question dog ate dishwasher wires

Okay Yall,

My new chocolate lab puppy (not really a puppy he's 3.5 months old and 43 pounds) is confind to the kitchen. The other night he was able to open the dishwasher paneling, rip out the insulation and chew through most of the wires. HELP!!! I'm renting and can't afford a new dishwasher!! I'm familar with this but have never taken on a job this big. I am able to find both ends of all the wires but dont know where to go from there.

Thanks, Amber
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Make the dog wash the dishes from now on. That will teach him.

Based on your description, I assume that you are talking about the wiring internal to the dishwasher. If it were the apartment electrical wiring then your dog would have either been zapped or killed. If it were the apartment wiring then you would have no choice but to tell the landlord and pay the bill.

As it is the dishwasher wiring, I still think you need to tell the landlord and then pay the bill, but it certainly is more of a gray area.

You may be able to get away with using wire nuts to join the wires together. Having said that, be careful. You would still want the power off at the breaker or fuse, and if you make a mistake you just might make a bad situation worse.

Bottom line, you'll have to tell the landlord sometime. May as well tell him/her now and get it over with.
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I think this requires a good inspection or replacement of the dishwasher or at least the wiring harnesses. Usually when dogs chew they also pull and jerk around; I suspect this may have done more damage to the wiring in the dishwasher than simply severing the wires. There are probably connections pulled loose and perhaps wires stripped off inside the unit. Without actually seeing the dishwasher I'm painting a grim picture, but just remaking the connections may not be enough to safely fix the dishwasher.

I definately agree that you need to consult with the landlord before doing anything though. It's his property, so it's up to him as to the repair.
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If you decided to just switch out the dishwasher...something your landlord will probably demand, they really arent that expensive. Normally your standard rental will have one of the cheaper washers installed, somewhere around $125
If you switch it out, then you only have to disconnect and reconnect the plumbing and electric. Of course the cost of the plumber and electrician will be far more than the washer itself.
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landlord's perspective

Yet another reason why as a landlord I dont allow pets! You cant charge enough security deposit to offset the damage they cause. Either way I would definitely want to know about the damage.

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