Crazy Power Interuption, need help!


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Crazy Power Interuption, need help!

Going completly crazy here, Can't figure this one out, hoping someone here can help. Have know had three electricians at my home, all with a different (and costly) solution that still hasn't fixed the problem.

First of all, no wiring changes since this problem started, last change was adding 220 outlet for dryer 6 months prior to problem starting.

Have 100 amp service, breakers. Problem occurs when Central Air (seperate 220) Kicks OFF! Power to only three circuits in house goes off. No breakers tripped! Only way we have solved the problem is to turn back on Central Air for about ten to fifteen minutes then hoping it won't trip again.

Happens all times of day, with things running on 3 circuits, or nothing running, have tried all combinations of disconecting turning off, can't get the symptom to stop.

Only thing in common of the three circuits is, they all have GFI's, which never trip either.

It's starting to get cold here in Michigan....can't see turning on the Air in the middle of winter to shave in the

Here's what the three wise men have done:

First thought bad GFI, changed all three GFI's, no change.

Second thought one side of breaker box "overloaded", changed what was thought to be too heavy load on one side, split the loads equally. No change.

Third thought weak breaker/bad breaker on central air, changed that, and for good measure changed the three circuits that were always tripping. No change.

All three are stumped, have also had Heating/Cooling tech here, didn't see anything wrong with exterior (220) unit, which has been in place for 5 years, no problems. Tech. admits he wasn't an electrician but didn't thing was the problem.

Hoping for some one with some insight!


P.S. new wrinkle, discovered another way to turn back on power after going out. Can turn electric oven (220) on, and it wiil turn back on power till heats to temp. Then kicks it back off. Begining to believe in electrical ghosts over here....Help!.....
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Sounds like one of the main service lines is loosing power, loose connection or main breaker.
I would start by calling the power company, have them check the lines from the power pole to your panel.

I would say when the line goes out your 220 volt appliances are back feeding power to the other circuits.
If that's the case, your 220 volt items are only getting 110 volts when the problem appears.
That's not good for your A/C motors.
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Stop "fixing" the problem by turning on a 240 volt load (AC or oven). You are back feeding through that appliance and you will damage your AC motor. Turn off ALL 240 volt breakers and don't turn them until you fix the problem.

Call the power company NOW. Don't wait till later. Do it now. Tell them that you periodically lose power to half your house. They will understand.

Why are you still reading this post? Call them already if you haven't done so.

They will investigate the problem. It may be outside.

If they don't find a problem in their equipment they may find a problem with yours, which they may or may not fix.

If it is in your house, I suspect a problem with your main panel if it really is only three circuits and NOT half your entire panel. However, I suspect that it in fact half your panel that goes out.

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