Running power to a well pump


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Running power to a well pump

Just bought a property. Very small "shack" that is basicly unlivable on the front of the property. There is a well for water about 100' away from the shack and power for the well comes from the shack.

Well, the shack is going away and a new house is going on the back of the property. The well will be about 175 feet from the new house. I need to run power from the temp power pole out to the well. What's the right way to do this? Oh, and it's a long story but the pipe to carry the water to the new home site is already in the ground.

- I assume I'm going to have to rent some sort of trench digger to put the cable in the ground.

- What type of cable do I have to use and given the length of the run, what guage?

- Do I have to run the cable inside any sort of pipe?

Thanks for all the help, believe me it's appreciated.

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You'll need to provide pump specs to determine the cable size. Provide amps and recommended breaker size.
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Gosh... why didn't I realize you would need that info. The data are as follows:
8 amps
20 amp breaker (why not a 15???)
#14 wire up to 300'

So I guess I have my wire size question answered. Oh, and now that I think of it, the distance to the well as well as the depth of the well (pump is at the bottom) need to be added to properly size the wire. I wasn't thinking of the well depth.

Now how should I run that cable underground?
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I'll wait other more expert to give an answer but I would not go less than #12 over that distance.
Yes I would bury it.
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"The data are as follows:"

One hardly ever sees the word "data" correctly followed by "are". You've made my day!

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