Wiring to pump.


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Wiring to pump.

I have a 1hp flotec fp4832-08 stainless steel pump fed from a 1200 water tank and it works just fine. I do want to re-wire it from 110v to 230v to reduce the amps demand([email protected] now vs. [email protected]). but the float switch handles only one 110v leg. If I re-wire for 230v, the second leg would not be switched.The float switch if of the type that has the cable as a thether. But I have not seen two-pole float switches of the thether type. Would using two regular float switches (one for each leg of 230v) do the job?

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My first question might be to ask WHY change it if it's already installed and running fine? A big advantage to running the higher voltage for lower amps is to have smaller conductors, but the conductors are already installed and you don't want to CHANGE them, do you? Or are they too small right now? You are being billed by the watt, not the amp, so you won't save any money, except for a very small amount of unbalanced power that you might not use at the neutral (not even worth considering in this case based on all the other loads in the panel anyway.)
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I would recommend not using two float switches as proposed. The hot legs should be switched together by the same mechanical action. If you can't find a two pole float switch, then find a low voltage float switch to activate an appropriate contactor/relay for the motor.

As a previous poster stated, it seems that there is no good reason to change the existing installation.

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