Bad outlet or plug?


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Bad outlet or plug?

Yesterday i had a faint sent coming from the kitchen (burnt plastic) after some time searching it was never located. This morning i pulled the refrigerator out and noticed the plug had melted. The fridge its self was clicking off and on. Just before i pulled the plug out a small flam popped up between the plug and the outlet. and now the plug is missing a prong.

QUESTION: could this be the plug/refrigerator going bad or the outlet? my first assumption is that the outlet is no longer grounded properly. I assume the breaker would kick if this was caused from a power serge?

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The receptacle is probably in need of replacement. Obviously the plug needs to be replaced. I would probably just replace the receptacle anyway.

With the power off, remove the receptacle from the wall and make note of how the wires are connected. Remove the receptacle and install the new one connecting the wires in the same manner.

Buy a new plug at a hardware store. Make sure that it is rated for 15 amps and is three prong. Don't buy a light duty plug. Follow the instructions that come with it to connect it properly.

No, a power surge would not necessarily trip the breaker. The ground probably has nothing to do with this.
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thank you

THANK YOU, I have replaced plugs in the past and standerd outlets as well, my biggest concern was that the problem existed beyond the outlet because its an older house with older wiring. I will make an attempt at this tonight and let you know what happens.



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