adding an outlet to a switch??


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Talking adding an outlet to a switch??

I am remodeling basement, just putting up drywall where the plywood was.(not plywood but the fake wood that is 1/8 thick, i cant think of the name, too tired) Also replacing switches and outlets with new fixtures. I was going to add one outlet on a partial wall where the switch is. The switch is only electric on the wall.

NOW to the question. Switch has two gold screws on one side and green ground on other. Man at store told me to put the black to one and white to the other. All works fine.

SO how would I add an outlet to this??? Can I??? Thanks, the sooner the better for the reply. I am almost there for hanging drywall.

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No, you cannot add a receptacle from this. It is a switch loop and has no neutral.

I hate to mention this to you, but if you are finishing your basement then it will need to meet code. This means that you need one or more receptacles on each wall at certain intervals. It doesn't sound like you have this. You won't pass inspection without it.

If you aren't having this inspected, then you're making a big mistake, but even so you should still do the electrical work to meet code anyway. It will make it much easier to sell when you eventually sell, and at some point you will want to use those receptacles anyway.
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I appreciate the info. That sounds right. (who am I kidding, I dont know) No, I am not getting inspected, just replacing old. There are lots of receptecles on the walls, there is just a 4 foot free standing wall shooting out that just had a switch on it. Thanks again, especially for your quick reply. Now I can finish drywall.
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Since the wall is open, it will easy to put an outlet there.
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Anything is possible with enough new wire.

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