repairing electrical cord


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Red face repairing electrical cord

My puppy ate the plug-in end off my vacuum cleaner cord. Can I replace the end myself, and, if so, how do I do that?
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Yes, you can replace it. Go to the hardware store and buy a replacement plug. Make sure that it is a two prong variety (assuming the old plug was two prong), and that it is heavy duty. It should be rated for 15 amps.

You will have to cut the end of the cord cleanly and strip back some of the outer insulation, exposing the insulated wires inside. The amount to strip won't be much, perhaps an inch or so. Be careful that you don't damage the wires when you strip this insulation.

Then you will need to strip some of the insulation from the wires. Perhaps about half an inch from each wire. Thread the cord into the plug and then connect the wires to the screw terminals. There is probably an insert to be removed from the plug end to expose the screw terminals. Wrap the wire carefully around screw terminal clockwise, after carefully twisting the exposed wires. Visually assess for any problems and then replace the insert to cover the screw terminals.

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