Wiring up my new Mig Welder


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Question Wiring up my new Mig Welder

This is my first post here, so I don't know if this has been covered. Is there a search option here?
Anyway, I bought a Mig welder last week to use to restore my MGB GT instead of paying somone else to do it. These are the specs:

Input: 230V, 60 Hz, single phase; Welding current range: 30-120 amps; Duty cycle: 15% @ 115 amps; Draws 15 amps @ 230V; Max. open circuit voltage: 36V; Weldable wires: .023", .030", and .035 steel or stainless steel; .030" and .035" aluminum; .030" flux core

I am running an 8g wire instead of a 10g since I am going 70 feet to the box. The wire has a black, red, white and the bare ground wire inside. The 20A plug and outlet only is for a three wire, ie: from the Mig... white, green, red.
My question is what wires go where on the three screws on the sides of the outlet? And how do I feed into the double 30A breaker I have, with the two screws on the bottom.
Any help will be great.

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Welders have all sorts of special codes allowing smaller wire than is typical for branch circuits. I personally do NOT like to give DIY'ers these codes for residences since you never know who will plug what into the receptacle in question.

All you really need for this circuit is #12 and a two-pole 20 amp breaker, if it matters. 70' is not that far, and with a 15 amp draw a 20 amp circuit is fine.

Also, the 3-wire you bought is not necessary. The circuit for this welder does not need a neutral. Meaning you do not need the white wire in that cable.
Simply use the black and red for the hots and the ground (bare or green) for ground. Cap off the white in each box or fitting.

*Edit: Sorry, I just realized you are in Canada. I think what I gave you is fine. Hopefully someone from there can confirm.*

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