Dificulties Rewiring Top Floor


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Dificulties Rewiring Top Floor

My two storeys 1938 built house has a flat roof and no access to what seems like a very shallow crawling space
The top floor has K & T, walls and ceilings are plaster on lath[wood]
What are the options to rewire this floor without having to crawl inside this claustrophobic small space
Im also considering drywalling some of the ceilings and walls .If 2x2 are screw to joists and drywall to furring, could this space be used to run some wires?
Thanks a lot
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Fasten 1" x 4" fur-strips to the ceiling joists, with the F-S's set at a right-angles to the joists, so the cables can run under the joists and between the F-S's.

The F-S's must be placed 4 ft center-to-center so that each drywall joint is on the center of a F-S.

Cut whatever holes and grooves you need on the walls for implacing outlet-boxes and cables, then finish the walls with 1/2 S-R.

You may consider removing the finish on the exterior walls for insulating purposes.

Consider communication cables,thermostat cables, and seperate-circuits for window A-C units.

Good Luck, & Learn & Enjoy from the Experience!!!!!!!
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Thanks for reply wanna make sure i understand correctly

1] Existing plaster ceiling remains [would not want to take it down]

2] Fasten 1x4s [ right angles]to joists with screws long enough to account for thicknes of ceiling

3] Wires running paralel with F/S strapped to sides of F/S ?

4]Wires running right angles through holes in F/S?

Thank you again

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