A hello and a simple dishwasher wiring question


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A hello and a simple dishwasher wiring question

First off, I've lurked and learned from this site for some time and I'd like to thank evryone here for helping me out (without knowing it) many times, I've searched for information on this issue but havent seen it come up in previous posts. So, hello to all

Now my situation and question. I recently purchased a replacement dishwasher and upon pulling the old one out, realized it had been wired with a pigtail off the unit and plugged into an outlet located directly beneath the dishwasher in the rear-right. Firstly, is this common and safe? The recepticle looks to be original (house built in late 60's) and is not GFCI. My question. Should I intsll the new dishwasher in the sam manner and if so should I replace the outlet with a GFCI? Also, I looked into purchasing a similar pigtail but only found types labeled for garbage disposals, would thisi work? Any input on the situation would be greatly appreciated, and thanks again for your help in the past.
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Do not install a GFCI. A GFCI is not required or desired for a dishwasher. Imaging the trouble you would have to go through to reset a false trip.

You have two options. You can wire in a permanent connection to this box, or you can install a cord and plug. You can use the one from your old dishwasher if it is in good shape. You can buy them pre-made or you can make one. Look for one that is 14 gage wire. Or you can buy 14 gage type SO cable and buy a plug.
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Yes it is very common to wire a dishwasher this way. You ought to be able to find an acceptable appliance cord for the dishwasher. It would also be acceptacle to remove the receptacle and use a couple feet of Romex to hardwire the dishwasher and put a blank faceplate where the receptacle used to be. Just make sure that the existing circuit is the correct amperage and properly grounded.

Most dishwashers only require 15A circuits, but it's possible your may need a 20. If the existing circuit is not dedicated to the dishwasher, I would not use it and install a new circuit for the dishwasher.

No, the dishwasher should not have GFCI protection. It is not required and would not be desirable.
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Great information. Thank you both for replying. Have a great day!

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