Feed side Load Side where

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Feed side Load Side where

In a service where is the point that
seperates the feed from the load.
a- At the lugs in the panel box, lugs and up stream is the feed.
b- At the breakers, breakers and up stream is the feed.
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Neither term has an official definition, so different people can have differing but equally valid opinions. It probably depends on why you asked the question.

Nevertheless, I would use the definition of "feeder" to guide me. Everything upstream of the last overcurrent protection device (i.e., breaker or fuse) is the feed, and everything downstream from the last overcurrent protection device is the load.
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Thanks John
I agree with your defintion. Just checking on what
others thought.
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Any point between the source and the load “separates” the feed from the load, as there is an upstream side and a downstream side.

The NEC does define:

All circuit conductors between the service equipment, the source of a separately derived system, or other power supply source and the final branch-circuit overcurrent device.

The conductors and equipment for delivering electric energy from the serving utility to the wiring system of the premises served.

Service Conductors.
The conductors from the service point to the service disconnecting means.

Service Drop.
The overhead service conductors from the last pole or other aerial support to and including the splices, if any, connecting to the service-entrance conductors at the building or other structure.

Service-Entrance Conductors, Overhead System.
The service conductors between the terminals of the service equipment and a point usually outside the building, clear of building walls, where joined by tap or splice to the service drop.

Service-Entrance Conductors, Underground System.
The service conductors between the terminals of the service equipment and the point of connection to the service lateral.

Service Equipment.
The necessary equipment, usually consisting of a circuit breaker(s) or switch(es) and fuse(s) and their accessories, connected to the load end of service conductors to a building or other structure, or an otherwise designated area, and intended to constitute the main control and cutoff of the supply.

Service Point.
The point of connection between the facilities of the serving utility and the premises wiring.

Each of the above terms is a point in the system, having a feed side and a load side.

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