recessed lights keep overheating


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Exclamation recessed lights keep overheating - corrected

My husband just installed some new recessed lights - 5 in l/r & 12 in family room. He's an electronics technician & has installed lights in all our previous homes without issue.

We used Halo H99ICT cans. The guy at Lowes said we should buy 50W R20 bulbs with these fixtures. The lights have been overheating and shutting off. A few of the lightbulbs have blown (4 already) even though they only have under 30min use on them.

Called Halo & they told us 50W R20s were not standard with these cans & that we would need to get extenders (H1999). Also advised trim must be on can to help disipate heat. We installed extenders & trim is on. Needless to say the lights are still overheating & randomly shutting off. When you tap the light or twist the lightbulb usually but not always it turns on. If you turn the lights out they all come back on after a cool down period.

At this point I am not sure what to do next. I thought the extenders would fix the problem. I'm so annoyed that the Lowes guy advised us to use bulbs that not standard with these lights. I now have $100 in bulbs that don't work. Anyone have any advice?

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Need more info, because you have mentioned some confusing data:

The Halo 998 seems to be a 30 eyeball trim. The bulb rating is 40WR16 or 60PAR 16 with H99T or H99RT cans. WIth H99ICT is is 40WR16.

Whatever your can is, it should have a complet bulb spec table printed on the inside of the can.

Please provide more info. If you have IC cans, they have a thermal cut-out and the symptoms you describe are consistent with this. If it's too hot, it's too hot!
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Sorry.... They are the H99ICT housings with the 993w & 998p trim... we bought the Leviton 001-2005 porcelain extensions as the lighting store recommended them over the Halo - same effect lower price...
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The Cooper catalog does list the 50WR20 with extension for the 993, but not for the 998. Again the label on the actual can is the final governing advice. You may just have to live with lower wattage bulbs.
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My problem right now is with the 993w trims. Didn't get bulbs for the eyeball trims yet.

We did everything Halo suggested for the 993w trimmed lights. We got the extenders and they are still overheating.

I'm worried there could be something else going on. Could the wires be loose? Could it be a problem with the circuit breaker? Why do the lights turn on when you giggle them (most of the time)? Are the extenders supposed to be screwed into place with screws in addition to being put in the socket?

Sorry for all the questions. Before I move down to a lower wattage, I want to make sure the problem isn't elsewhere.

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