Lighting for barn


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Lighting for barn

I would like to add lights to my barn. Carrying my lantern is getting old. I have no existing wiring or lights currently in the barn. However, I have an GFIC on my swimming pool deck. I use this outlet for power tools, pool filter, etc. My question is, can I tap into that outlet (load or line side) and run the proper wire, conduit, and switch? The barn is greater than 50' from my house breaker box, so I don't know if I can do that. I am thinking I need to put in a sub-panel in the barn.

Any advice?
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You have to decide how much power you will eventually need in the barn. Try to express it in amps or watts. How many watts of lighting total? How many other things in the garage? Try to think far into the future. Will you want a refrigerator? A TV? A welder? Heat? Will you ever be running two tools at the same time? Will you ever have any big tools?

The existing GFCI is almost certainly not the right solution. But what the right solution is depends on an accurate prediction of your needs.

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