Paddle Fan/Light controls


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Paddle Fan/Light controls

I'm moving a 5 year old Paddle Fan with Light to a new room addition. I have run a 12/3 w ground from the ceiling box to the control location which I intend to supply with power directly from a 20 amp general purpose circuit but am not sure what would be best to use for the control.

I don't particularly want to use a remote because they tend to be expensive and don't stay in one spot (like right next to the door).

I don't think I need to have the lights on a dimmer, but would like variable speed control for the fan. Both the Fan and the light have pull chains (light on/off --- fan on/off - 2 speed) but I'd prefer not to use those because of the ceiling height. Can I use just a standard dimmer to control the fan speed or is there a special control for this purpose? Do I need a double box or are there controls that will serve both in a single switch box?

Thanks, Joe
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You need to use a special speed control for the fan; an ordinary dimmer won't do. However a fan speed control is only slightly different from a dimmer, and most dimmer companies make fan speed controls. Just make sure to get the correct part.

I've seen, but do not have links to, dual controls (fan and light) that fit in a single yoke.

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Check in the paddle fan accessories section of your big box store. The major players have wall mounted speed and light controls.

For myself, I have a remote which came with a plastic "holster" for mounting wherever you want. Less than $30.
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Thanks, I found the dual control at Lowes.

I have one of the remotes with the plastic holder on a Fan at my main home. Problem is that it keeps getting dropped or moved.

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