possible interference


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possible interference

I posted a while back about a problem I have with my electrical system in my house. I moved to a new townhome in august and discovered a new problem with my home theater system. When a light, ceiling fan, or the A/C turns on or off, a momentary loss of audio occurs while watching TV. This would seem normal accept I have my entire system hooked to a battery backup/voltage regulator. I have made sure that the battery back up can handle the amount of power consumption that the units hooked to it require.

This problem DID NOT occur in my house that I moved from in August. I had even worse electrical problems at that house and the batt backup cured the problems. I switched out the battery back up with an additional one I have hooked to my computer and the same problem exists. As soon as a large electrical device is flipped on or off, the audio only cuts out. I have moved my batter back up 10 ft away from my stereo receiver which is farther away than it was at the old house and the problem still exists. I have even un hooked the battery back up from the wall, let the battery run the projector, receiver, and satellite and still the problem happens which leads me to believe it has to be due to some sort of interference not coming through the wiring directly. To further this idea, every time it rains and lightning strikes, the audio goes out. How can I stop this interference from interupting my receiver's audio capabilities?

Any ideas if this is the cause or what else it could be?
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Buy a better receiver??

It seems as though your receiver is especially susceptible to interference, although I can't imagine where it might be coming from since millions of other people have A/C and receivers in their house and do not experience your problem. Is there any way you can get your hands on another receiver and see if that one works? Or try your receiver in somone else's house. The fact that you still experienced a problem with the battery backup disconnected from the receptacle is disturbing. I have never heard of a "burst" of EMF when things are turned on and off causing this type of disturbance. The type of disturbance I have heard off is constant.

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I'm not an expert in this area by any means, but had a similar problem years ago and here's what I did.

Could it be a bad surge protector? Is there a signal booster attached to the incoming signal feed to your system? I had a similar problem years ago, and disconnected the signal booster, and it cured the problem.

Worth a try. Sorry I can't help more.
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