Cable Connection Problem

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Cable Connection Problem

I am trying to hook up a coaxil cable from the cable hookup outside to the TV inside. With each attempt I get white sparks and shocked.

The cable company suggests that their ground is good and that there must be a problem with the outlet.

The TV works fine when plugged into the outlet, as does the DVD player and a clock. Sparks and shocks only occur when I attempt to connect the cable.

Any suggestions? Thanks
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Sparks are no good...well...what channel are you trying to watch?

Have you looked at the ground wire outside to make sure its connected?

There is nothing in a cable line that should throw sparks, are you having problems with other cable connections, or is this the only one?

What kind of reading do you get with a meter?
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That's why they started using polarized plugs on some equipment.
Some equipment, connects the neutral line of the plug to the chassis ground internally (with other components).
If you reverse the plug it may make the chassis hot with respects to a ground line.
I seen some TV's damaged from the same problem.

You may have improperly plugged in one of your items reversing a polarized plug. this can on some items make the chassis Hot.
So when you connect the properly grounded coax lead to a hot chassis you will create a short.

Your equipment may also be defective.

First find out what item is creating the problem by unplugging each one.

If the hot and neutral wires that connect to the receptacle were reversed you can come up with the same problem.

More then likely the voltage is 120 volts AC very dangerous.
And you should be using a voltage tester.
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Also keep in mind that there is voltage on the cable line if your cable company provides internet access.

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