how many amps is a washer machine

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how many amps is a washer machine

Hi, im just wiring up a house right now and Im having a quick mind block,
Does a washer machine and dishwasher run on its own 15amp breaker or can I gang them up on a circuit.
Also, how many outlets should a guy safely put on a 15 amp breaker, i know the specs say 12, but do most people put less just to be on the safe side or is 12 fairly common.
What if a guy goes over 12, to about 13 or 14,
One more thing, is it ok to wire up more than one gfi on a line of 12 outlets, I have a few exterior plugs for the outside that are fairly close and may have to throw them all on a line.
Thanks for the tips
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Most clothes washers can draw 15 amps...but thats not the point.
Code requires a 20 breaker for the laundry room, a 20 amp breaker means you will need to use 12-2 wire.
No, you can not put your dish washer on the same circuit.

The number of outlets on a circuit is up to you, the amps drawn by the items on the circuit is the limiting factor. How many lights and recepticals do you currently have on other circuits?

As far as the GFCI outlets, one at the start of the run will protect the rest of the circuit, so anything placed down stream of the GFCI will be protected by the GFCI outlet, but again with that said, there are specific codes that require when a GCFI should be used, and what can be connected to them.
There are also specific requirements when it comes to bathrooms, Kitchens and laundry rooms, not to mention AFCI requirments for bedrooms.
These requirements must be followed for your own safety, and the safety of those around you.
PLEASE make sure you know exactly what your doing.
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A dedicated 20A circuit is required for the laundry. You can have no other receptacles on that circuit.

In general, most folks stay to less than 10 receptacles on a 15A circuit, and less than 12 on a 20A circuit. Although in a dwelling you could put as many as you like, as long as you keep in mind the items that may be plugged in. Be sure you understand where dedicated circuits are required, like kitchen counters/dining rooms, bathrooms, etc.

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