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My electrician came out today to do several things. One task was to replace my 2 hall light switches with "Lighted" or "Illuminated", or "Glowing" wall switches. These are NOT the decor type, but the standard "toggle or rocker" switch.
He brought them out, and after hooking one, found that it only lighted when the light was on. The switch apparently draws attention to itself, if lit, so one can turn it off. (Thus saving electricity, or bulbs, etc.)
He did not install it, and said he would look again for the kind of switch I was looking for. The type I am looking for, we had as a child (1970's.) These switches were the quiet switches, which let off a very light "glow", 24 hours a day. They were designed to help people find the switch in the dark. As a child, we always had them, to keep us from fumbling around in the dark, putting handprints all over the walls. The wall switch was either white or ivory (matching all the other ones in the house). Not clear, like the one today.
I have looked quite a bit for these on the Internet. I can't find them. DOES anyone KNOW WHO MANUFACTURES THESE SWITCHES? Are they still available? My electrician remembers them, but hasn't seen them in years. Any suggestions????
Thanks for your help!!!! Anna
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Are you refering to one of these?


Lowes seems to have them..here is a link

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Leviton makes both ILLUMIATED-ON and ILLUMINATED-OFF switches. The Ill.OFF are more common, so your guy just didn't look hard enough.
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Stevetra, close, but I think it's actually these: http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?actio...A-L&lpage=none

Doug M.
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I do believe you are correct sir!

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