Wiring a Spa


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Wiring a Spa

I'm wiring a spa that I am building from a tub that I got with no instructions.
When it comes to the wiring fromt he breaker, I think that I have the right idea, but could use a third opinion.
I want to send 240V over to a 'spa disconnect' breaker with 240V GFCI breaker (for heater) and 2 120V GFCI breakers (for pump, blower, lights, etc). I'm also not completely sure what wire to use. I'm pretty sure I should be using 8 or 10 gauge wire? Also, should I be using 10-2 w/ground or 10-3, or is there no difference for 240V wiring?
Thanks for any advice!
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The gauge has nothing to do with the voltage. It has to do with the amperage. Saying "240v" is meaningless without knowing the draw of the load.

I STRONGLY suggest getting some good book on pool wiring. If this spa is outside it follows the same rules as a pool.
What you are intending to do is not a DIY project. Wiring a package spa is one thing. Wiring a field designed and assembled spa is another thing entirely. This is NO place to learn how to do this stuff.

To know what size circuits to run you need to know the voltage, but more importantly the amperage of each and every item to be wired.

Here is a link that may help get you started if you do insist on doing this: Above ground pools
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You are in over your head, at least at this point in time. Pools and spas have numerous code requirements that differ from other wiring projects. For example, UF cable is not allowed outside, only individual conductors in conduit can be used (this answers one of your questions). There are plenty of others.

As Speedy suggested, start by reading. Then formulate an overall plane. Then run the plan by the inspector before you start. You can certainly post here for answers to questions, but you have to start a little further along than you are.
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NewTo Spas,

it is very obvious you are not getting this inspected from the way you posted the information because the method you describe will get you a big fat rejection.

The spa SHOULD have specs on it written on it somewhere which will tell you what is needed to the spa. Is it a cord and plug layout which has this already installed.....we really need more information on the SPA itself versus the way you would LIKE to wire it......

NOw to correct a statement UF is actually rated for outside and underground.....but not for anything to do with a SPA....so NIX that idea.

If possible tell us more about the actual spa itself.....if it has motors on it for blowers.....give us as much info as possible, does it have a central wiring center ( control panel )....does it already have plug and cord from it.....and so on.

Rac and Speedy are very right in that their are many other areas you have to be aware of in the NEC for spas and hot tubs......not only Art 680 which still governs most but the section within Art. 680 that deals directly with SPAS and they superseed ( think I spelled that wrong ) the basic requirements of Art 680.

The best thing I would suggest is you sit down, try to find out all the components to this spa....check it AGAIN for any ratings or markings on the spa to tell you the service size...is it a older model...did it have a control center and a knockout on it that was removed above 1" in size.....and so on...

We can assist you but you need to know the rules that apply ( for safety and a properly installed job ) as Electricity is not as simply as just running a wire to a unit and be done with it.....thats why we get paid the BIG bucks...( I am joking mind you...lol )... you MUST have 4 individual wires running to the spa...Unless it is a cord and plug design and this really depends on your unit and its ratings.

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