Supply Wire for Double Oven


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Supply Wire for Double Oven

We have received a hand-me-down GE electric double oven that we would like to install in our kitchen - which we are currently remodeling. So far, I have not been able to find a definitive model number to guide me on the oven's exact electrical requirements - but I confess I've only checked the areas that are convenient to get to and haven't gone looking on the bottom.

The ovens have a single metal conduit with 4 wires coming out which I will eventually connect to a junction box within the cabinet that will house the ovens. My question is what KIND of supply line should I run to that box? When I say that - I do not mean what gauge (since I will eventually have to determine the model to determine the breaker amperage and wire gauge) - but will this be a single fat cable or 4 separate wires in a conduit? If it is a fat cable, should I try to run it through the joists in the basment, or below them? The reason I ask is that I am running other electrical cables in the basement right now and I am trying to plan ahead for when it is time to connect the oven.


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If NM type cable is allowed where you live (and it is in most places) then you can run NM (something like 6-3, which will have three insulated conductors plus a ground). You can also run conduit and then run individual conductors, but this is more work.
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Most likely, the cooking appliance requires a 40-amp Branch-Circuit. This is effected with #8 copper conductors. It's best if you can verfy this;what you need to know is the "wattage-rating"-- ex: 8KW---- search for a name-plate for this specific info.

As to the Wiring Method, if you use non-metallic cable, type NM, and are installing N-M cables for other circuits, the important Code-consideration is "protection from mechanical injury" . If you want to secure the cables to the bottom of the joists, I suggest you route the cables between two 2X4's fastened to the joists and set parallel to the cables. When all cables are in place, cover the cables with S-R fastened to the 2X4's.

Good Luck, & Learn & Enjoy from the Experience!!!!!!!!!!!!

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