Outdoor lighting on trail


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Outdoor lighting on trail

Hi - I am looking to strink outdoor lights on a trail over the distance of roughly 900 meters (2600'). I would be using 120v fixtures with two 150 watt bulbs. I would use about 26. It will be a loop so i could run a seperate line fomr each end and only have 13 on each circuit. What type of wire would i have to use over this type of distance to get enough power to all the lights?

Thanks so much!
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In two words, forget it.

First and foremost, you have too large a load for two 120 volt circuits. 13 fixtures times 300 watts per fixture is 3900 watts. A 120 volt circuit at 20 amps can supply 2400 watts. You would need four 20 amp circuits to accomplish this.

Then we have the voltage drop. To maintain a decent voltage at the end of the run you would need very large wire. I think you will find that the cost of the wire makes this prohibitive.

I suggest you think about solar lights.
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I agree. This project is impractical.
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You could run a 3 wire each way (some lights on each leg), or a 2 wire with 240V lights.

I might consider discharge lights with multi-tap ballasts, and depending on the drop, maybe using the 240 or 208V taps.
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Actually, if I were doing this I would run a multiwire circuit each way and connect the two lights at each location across the two different feeds.

However, the distance involved still makes this very expensive.
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You may want to look at Fluorescent flood lights

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